Michelle Rothwell making waves

A WORLD record was set on Windermere on Monday evening as a team of six intrepid swimmers completed a 12-way relay of the lake.

Thomas Noblett, 48, and Michelle Rothwell, 24, both of Windermere, were part of the team which now holds the world record for the longest fresh water swim at 126 miles (201.6km), which took 75 hours 6 minutes 32 seconds.

Each of the team, which was completed by Dee Llewellyn, Michelle Sharples, Leanne Llewellyn and Keith Bartolo, swam an equivalent two lengths of Windermere and smashed the previous six-way relay record for the lake in doing 12 lengths.

The epic battle against the weather saw the team struggle overnight on Friday and into Saturday as hurricane force winds swept across the lake.

But a brighter Sunday evening and Monday allowed them to surge home at 10.36pm on Monday to claim the record from an Americas team which swam 200km in Lake Powel in 2010.

Noblett said: “As soon as we entered the islands for the time we encountered storms and hurricane winds and our support boat had to take shelter and it was a battle just to change swimmers.

“We were all at our lowest point by Saturday evening when we had only finished four of the 12 lengths. But we looked at each other and said that if we could get through that night, we really could do the rest.”

Not only did the team have to struggle through the battering winds, but also through low swimming temperatures of between 9-11 celsius, when usually the temperature in Windermere at this time of year is around 14-15 celsius.

They took an average of 6 hours 10 minutes to complete one length of the lake, with swimmers changing every hour and for the record to count, the team could only swim in their trunks, swimming hat and a pair of goggles under British Long Distance

Noblett added: “When the Americas team swam the record, Lake Powel was relatively flat and there were temperatures of 21 celsius and I think they have appreciated what we achieved on Monday. By around midnight we returned home and had a Chinese takeaway, beer and champagne.”


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