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Michelle Rothwell making waves

A WORLD record was set on Windermere on Monday evening as a team of six intrepid swimmers completed a 12-way relay of the lake. Thomas Noblett, 48, and Michelle Rothwell, 24, both of Windermere, were part of the team which now holds the world record for the longest fresh water swim at 126 miles (201.6km),

Skiing on your apartment roof- love it!

In Kazakhstan, an apartment complex with a skiable roofAs a blizzard-y beast named Snowzilla descended upon the East Coast last weekend, many a city-dweller immediately grabbed a sled, yoga mat, garbage can lid and/or Rubbermaid laundry basket and high-tailed it to the nearest park boasting anything resembling a hill. Great … but wouldn’t it be


Armed with a wet suit and board wax, property developer and extreme sports fanatic Michelle Rothwell took to the waves at the launch of the North Wales attraction this weekend. My first impression of Surf Snowdonia was that the whole set-up looked really impressive. It was really easy to get there, and it’s located within

Lets get inspiration from Europe

While the cities of Kraków and Warsaw are the biggest tourist destinations of Poland, there is another city that should be on your radar: Wrocław (pronounced vrots-wahf). Despite the fact that Wrocław is the largest city in western Poland, its unique charm, magnificent architecture and vibrant colours make it one of Poland’s prettiest destinations.  

Talk about student living!

University House Midtown, Atlanta, Georgia Just off-campus from Georgia Tech in Atlanta, University House Midtown offers students downtime at a resort-style pool complete with a 14-foot Jumbotron TV. A dual-level community room has air hockey, pool and shuffleboard and a bold view of downtown. There are tanning rooms and a ping-pong table, and apartments come

I was inspired to take it on because I’m a very determined person and love a challenge, so once I heard about the event there was no turning back. It’s supposedly the ‘most grueling and most challenging endurance event known to man’ and I knew that completing a race like this is 20% physical ability